Teabu Collection

Teabu Collection
2016-01-10 05:58:25 visibility Hospitality News

The name originates from the words teak (kayu jati) and bambu (Indonesian for bamboo), and that name simply defines the materials used.  However, when the eye sees the marriage of two such wonderful materials, to use the word “simple” in characterizing these pieces is too much of an understatement.  Add to this that the level of artisan quality required in joining two unique and innately different materials such as these two, and you realize that this is far beyond simple!   With the undulating curves and clean, smooth surfaces,  it may be easy on the eye but it is not easy to produce!

This materials combo, expressed as it is in the Teabu Collection, portrays a rarely seen, more refined aspect of bamboo.  This gives texture and depth.  With a lot of effort the carpenter hand insets the bamboo into the curved form detailing of the hardwood teak.  The teak members provide structural elegance while the crushed, sanded bamboo inlay adds richness. Some call it neo-50’s tropical.  If that is not your exact taste, image a slight change in coloration and how that would produce a more formal, urban dynamic.

Featured within this collection:

  • Desk and Desk Chair
  • Dining Chair
  • Sideboard/Buffet/Console
  • Sofa
  • Easy Chair
  • Coffee and Side Tables

Designed by: Adi

Timeless elegance is the name of the game and the hardwood teak and crushed/sanded bamboo of the Teabu Collection knows how to play!












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