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As a high quality, solid wood furniture factory dedicated to the hospitality and residential industry for the last 30 years, Warisan prides itself on offering complete services from assisting in furniture design selection and technical advice, to production schedule, quality control and shipment logistics.

After more than 25 years of experience, we continue to value our hands more than our machines. We strive to optimize the skills of our carpentry team, supporting and sharing their talents with appropriate mechanized processes in order to achieve artisan quality in higher volume.

Warisan’s passionate team of designers, managers and technical advisors are always up for a challenge and happy to serve. We appreciate working closely with our clients, their appointed interior designers and procurement agents to efficiently process the information presented to us, offering creative solutions and technical advice to help each project meet specification requirements, budgets and time lines.

Quality Control begins with our material selection.

As our production is fully in-house, we guarantee strict quality-control at any stage of the production process. Whether it’s a full scope contract boutique hotel project or a home refurbishment of an existing home, as a globally recognized leader in high end custom design furniture manufacturer in the hospitality & residential industry, we help to enhance every space by our timeless approach for quality and furniture. Our partners, top projects, awards and testimonials speak for themselves


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To learn more about Warisan Furniture, discuss about your upcoming project and design or discover our extensive collection of quality furniture and custom services, contact us.

Thank you for your visit and for making Warisan Furniture part of the world’s high-end quality furniture manufacturer for Boutique Hotels, resort & home.

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