Warisan Furniture

Being based in the tropics and having done decades of resort work worldwide, it is natural that Warisan collections trend towards tropical flare and feel. An abundance of plantation teak and mahogany alongside other many naturally occurring complimentary materials, like recycled seashells taken from dining outlets on Jimbaran Bay, makes the tropical feel easily achievable -whether for private residence or resort.

Since our beginnings in 1989, a respect and appreciation for classic designs has been a distinctive signature of Warisan savoir-faire. Once upon a time, we focused on authentic reproductions, and over time we began refreshing traditional lines, creating our own versions of tropical classics and even a few neo-classics.

Inspired from the past yet freshly revisited to create a timelessness, the Classico selection is our latest offering. There is something magical about the hands of our finest carpenters creating heirloom pieces using the spectacular array of locally available raw materials.