How to clean your upholstered Sofa?

How to clean your upholstered Sofa?
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How to clean your upholstered Sofa?

Furniture in the hospitality industry have to be strong, comfortable yet beautiful when it comes to a high-end venue. As those pieces will daily face the exigencies of the guest they might also face to be maintain as good as possible by the team in order to make it last longer.  This article will advise you how to clean you sofa with fabric as well as leathered.


Our advice: It’s good to know how to treat the different types of fabric, so the sofa last longer. In this article, we will compile a few useful advices to treat different type of sofa.


Cleaning you Sofa with a Vacuum

Take off every trough cushions and look for small items that might a slides in the sofa: controllers, pencil, coins and other small timers quickly disappear in those sometimes!

2. You can now clean the sofa with the vacuum. It’s better to use and soft brush extension to access corners and protect the fabric or leather.

3. If the cushions have removable covers, you can wash them. Remember to verify the washing instructions before!

Tips: Sprinkling baking soda on your sofa will absorb odors –then vacuum with a soft brush after allowing the baking soda to work.

Clean stains on a sofa

Asking yourself how to clean a sofa with fabric or leather? First of all, it’s important to know that upholstered sofa and leather sofa aren’t supposed to be treated the same way. Leather is not water friendly neither the soap as it dehydrates and discolors. Here is how treating your sofas.

1 How to clean a Fabric Upholstered sofa

If the sofa has removable covers check for the tag with the instructions regarding the washing machine. If the fabric as in important stains consider using stains remover and other ecological clean product, linen laundry product also do the trick.

If you only want to clean a stain You might not have to make a complete wash but using worm water and non-colored liquid soap (example dish washer soap). Carefully apply the solution with a clean humidify rag don’t be careful not to wet the sofa too much and do not rub it too much, as this may cause the stain to penetrate the fabric. If the stains is old, let the product do the work for a couple of minutes before wipe the excess liquid with the towel. Then rinse with a clean and wrung out cloth.

If you have had the misfortune to spill red wine on a colored sofa, one of the best tips is to use potato flour or salt to absorb excess liquid and colored particles. Sprinkle generously on the stain directly after the accident and vacuum when the salt or flour has dried.

Then complete the treatment as described in the sections above. If the stain persists, there are other methods for cleaning fabric sofa and cousins. Fabric cleaners are available in stores - be sure to test them on a small part before generalizing use. You can sometimes also go through dry cleaning to clean a sofa and its cushions. Just make sure everything is dry before putting the cushions back on the couch.

2. Clean a Leather Sofa

Cleaning a leather sofa is slightly different, since the leathers are not all the same. The only leather that you can clean with a damp cloth is stained leather; water leaves stains on untreated or semi-treated leather.

Sofa with natural leather. Mix 2 dl of soap for the natural materials in a little boiling water until you get a thick foam. Let it cool completely before rubbing it gently on the stain with a soft brush. Remove the remaining foam with a lint-free cloth. If the foam leaves a mark, you can wash the entire cushion with the foam to leave no trace.

Dyed leather sofa. This leather is stronger and a damp cloth may be enough for small stains. For more thorough cleaning, there are specific products such as leather cleaners or leather cream. Follow the instructions on the box and consult your distributor before using these products.

If in doubt, you can bring your sofa - or a photo if not - to an upholsterer who will advise you properly.


Key steps:

Read the labels detailing the care instructions for your sofa. Also be sure to read the product's operating instructions and test them on a small, hidden part of the couch to be sure not to spoil the fabric.

It is good to regularly vacuum all types of sofas. Avoid traces by using the soft brush extensions that are often supplied with the vacuum cleaners.

Try not to wet the material too much. This is especially important for leather sofas that stain easily.

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