Gianpaolo & Lucio On CNBC Asia Pacific TV

Gianpaolo & Lucio On CNBC  Asia Pacific TV
2019-04-12 03:05:36 visibility Testimonials

Warisan Founders GP and L in “Indonesia’s boosting connectivity”


We are proud to be part of a short documentary about the economic situation in Indonesia. Learn about the history of Warisan Furniture with our founders Gianpaolo Nogara and Lucio Brissolese but also about Indonesia’s economy and how infrastructure and tourism are linked to the growth of the country.

The network CNBC produced an interesting 30 minutes documentary, interviewing government officials as well as leaders from different sectors. Showing the potential and thrive behind one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

With its over 17.000 islands, Indonesia is considered as the worlds 7 th biggest economy with consistent growth over the past years. Some expect the country to be the 5 th largest economy by 2030! Foreigners and locals are working together on bringing Indonesia forward and Warisan is contributing to this growth since 1989. “Indonesia’s boosting connectivity” is giving interesting insights about what have been done so far, what goals individuals and government officials have, how the current situation is and what problems the country as to face.

The development of infrastructure all over Indonesia is an important step towards more connectivity between the different islands, companies, and inhabitants. Infrastructure and macroeconomic development are essential for a good and stable economy; therefore officials are concentrating on developing roads, harbors, and airports all over the country. This is a big and important step, also for Warisan with its factory situated in Banyuwangi, Java and the head office on the neighboring island Bali. Delivering high-quality goods from Java to destinations all over the world, companies like Warisan Furniture are dependent on the ongoing development of the country’s infrastructure. Starting in the retail business, the founders Gianpaolo and Lucio tell a little more about the evolution of Warisan Furniture and how the company is positioned today in Indonesia and global.

This documentary is not just interesting to watch if you want to learn more about the history and passion behind Warisan, but also to learn about the politics and economic evolution and changes in Indonesia. If you would like to learn more about our company and products, feel free to stop by in one of our showrooms: HERE

Watch the full documentary version: HERE

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