Warisan 2019 Factory Expansion Is Done!

Warisan 2019 Factory Expansion Is Done!
2019-03-05 11:09:45 visibility Hospitality News


Approaching it’s 30th Anniversary this year, Warisan has been conducting a large expansion plan over the last 2 years in order to maintain its quality standards. During these last 2 years, the Banyuwangi factory in East Java has been expanded by 10,000 square meters, creating a space the size of three and a half rugby pitches.
The company decided back in 1998 that it was necessary to open up the second manufacturing facility in Banyuwangi because the Bali facilities were no longer able to keep up with the increasing workload, and because the Owners of Warisan wished to have the highest possible control over the quality of its products.

Warisan Factory Expansion Is Done!

Slowly the factory has been growing since then to reach now a total area of 25 000 square meters in Banuywangi. An additional 5,000 square meters has also been added in Dalung, Bali, which comprises the Head Office and the original factory. A total of 500 people work across the entire operation, including the landmark showrooms in Seminyak and Jimbaran, and the running operations and showrooms in Cape Town, India and the United States.
“We appreciate the fact that after 30 years we can still guarantee a really high-end product while growing step by step”, says Matthew Bater, the new shareholder and General director In Bali. “ It has been a big job to create this expansion, but it was necessary as our demand keeps growing year after year. We also wanted to keep up with modern technology and install some new manufacturing equipment to allow ourselves to increase our capacity while maintaining high quality. It’s been flowing pretty well.”

Efficient Flow and Equipment.

Indeed the main target of the expansion project was to visualize, reorganize and restructure each department according to their needs and Warisan's required standards of quality. New machinery has also been introduced during this process including two brand new CNC machines, new spray booths and an all-new space for R&D as well as a metal workshop.


A Good Opportunity

Warisan low profile, high-end products, and excellent customer service have been a winner equation over the years. While keeping the production schedule full, the flexibility to fulfill the custom requirements of our long-time clients and newcomers was becoming more difficult to maintain. This expansion contributes in many ways to increase our production flow while keeping our quality and efficiency a step ahead with boutique hotel and residential standards as well as the demand worldwide.

Continual Growth, Continual Improvement

Quality has always been a key factor in order to be world-class solid wood, custom furniture manufacturers. After 30 years of dedicated service and innovation, Warisan has become one of the top quality custom furniture manufacturers in the world when it comes to high-end hospitality and residential properties.

hotel and resort furniture and we work toward that goal every day. As the finest furniture manufacturer in Southeast Asia not to say in Asia. We aim to ensure a total optimization of every piece while keeping our skilled craftsmen approach with a worldwide physical presence and an extensive list of completed projects and unique furniture. Thanks to the fact that we are able to continually analyze the quality of our product, methods and overall performance. 

Courtesy photo from Hilton Seychelles Northolmes
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